Pool Repairs

Osmosis Blisters

Osmosis is some times known as fibreglass cancer. It present’s itself as blisters varying in sizes over the surface of your fibreglass swimming pool.

The repairing of Osmosis requires the blisters to be ground out and repaired. If it’s a small area we do our best to colour match existing gelcoat however in most cases Osmosis repairs are extensive and a full respray of the pool is required.


Hydrostatic Damage

Excessive water pressure due to poor drainage, blockage of hydrostatic valve or major water events cause pressure under the pool shell resulting in bulged floors, cracks and splits in the fibreglass. Having many years experience in the manufacture of fibreglass pools I have extensive structural knowledge of Fibreglass pool shell’s and I’m fully equipt to repair major Hydrostatic damage and bringing you pool back to life.



As a fully trained Swimming pool Technician, I understand all Domestic filtration and water chemistry. Your swimming pool comprises of various filtration and other equipment we have access to top quality brands of pumps, filters, chlorinators, blowers, automatic cleaners etc. etc.

If you require any type of pool Repair or Resurfacing, please contact us.

Rest assured that your dealing with an owner operator and I’m involved in the entire process form start to finish.